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Protecting our diverse and valuable seabird species

Little gull in flight

Have you ever been asked to name a UK seabird on the spot? Seagulls probably come to mind first, right? Or maybe you think about those charismatic puffins or bustling ‘seabird cities’ of guillemots.  We’re actually home to some of …

Help shape assessments to ensure harbour porpoise and marine birds are protected

Little tern flock in flight

Can you believe it’s a brand-new year already?  Only last month we launched our latest call for evidence on the impacts of fishing on five English offshore marine protected areas (MPAs). These are the ones designated to protect certain highly …

Solving the ocean challenge: A pathway from science to impact

The BBC’s Planet Earth II has been an outstanding television series, perfectly illustrating the dialectic relationship we have with nature, and helping to re-engage many in the debate on how we protect our wildlife whilst supporting a growing economy, providing …