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Trudi Wakelin: my first 6 months

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I am the Director of Marine Licensing and have been with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for 6 months.

During that time, I have met with a range of stakeholders and people who use our licensing service. I have received a lot of positive feedback in the way we can conduct our services or engage with people.

Receiving feedback

Receiving feedback gives us an opportunity to learn more about how our stakeholders operate and strengthen relationships.

So far, I have visited many coastal regions. It has been great to meet major stakeholders to help them understand more about our marine management activities and get a deeper understanding of how we can best work with them.

A good example of this was my very constructive meeting with the CEO of Dover Harbour Board. He wanted to make sure the MMO has a good understanding of his business and how important it is to the local community.  I went to see his operations and it was fascinating to see the piling rigs at work and the wider context of how he manages his ferry and port operations.

Stakeholders chart

Engineer by trade

As an engineer by trade, it’s always of interest to me to understand how things work but it was even more fascinating to see the all of the logistical elements that go into the successful running of a port. It also gave the CEO comfort and reassurance that we were ready and willing to listen and understand him.

I’ve also met with EDF on their construction of a gravity-based foundation for an offshore windfarm and I’ve met with Cefas and had a tour of their facility in Lowestoft. I was a delegate at the UK Ports conference and visited Harwich Haven Authority and Port of London Authority. I’ve talked with Associated British Ports and I’ve even been out with the Thames Tideway Tunnel development team on the Thames.


Inevitably there are some criticisms but they have all been constructive and provides a basis for which we can work from to improve our engagement and understanding.

I would love to visit you or set up an industry interchange at the MMO where we can both learn more about how best we can work together.

Here to help

If you are interested in sharing your views about our licensing operations or helping me understand more about your business, I urge you to get in touch with me at

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by David Prescott posted on

    Nothing untoward going on here I hope? Why are you accepting private invites from DHB before the decision on the Goodwin Sands dredging is given? This stinks!!!

    • Replies to David Prescott>

      Comment by carlharvey posted on

      Hi David

      I visited Dover Harbour in July, as part of a wider programme of visiting stakeholders as part of my induction processes to learn about the activities of the various sectors for which I am responsible, as well as developing relationships. This have involved a number of port and harbour authorities including Harwich Haven Authority, Port of London Authority and Shoreham Port. None of these meetings have been discussing specific license applications or in any way interferes with the decision making process of the MMO.


      • Replies to carlharvey>

        Comment by David Prescott posted on

        Thank you for your quick reply. Will you be meeting members of Goodwin Sands SOS to put suspicious minds like mine at ease?

        • Replies to David Prescott>

          Comment by carlharvey posted on

          Hi David

          I have been contacted by the campaign and we are looking for possible dates for a discussion.