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Blue Belt

Henderson Island Expedition

This image shows the terrible damage that global marine pollution is having on a UK Overseas Territory

Simeon Archer-Rand, Habitat Mapping and Human Activities Team Leader for the UK Government's Blue Belt Programme, tells us about the impact of marine litter on Henderson Island and how work is being done with other organisations to try and tackle the problem.

Tackling Illegal fishing around Saint Helena and the surrounding waters

Navy vessel in overseas territory

Dan Ward, Compliance & Enforcement Manager on the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Blue Belt team tells us about tackling illegal fishing around St Helena.

Tackling illegal fishing in the UK Overseas Territories

Andy Deary (Blue Belt, MMO) on patrol

Andy Deary, Head of Compliance and Enforcement for the UK Government’s Blue Belt Programme discusses the challenges of effectively monitoring large scale Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) in remote areas like the UK Overseas Territories.