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Karen Leech, Blue Belt Programme

Blue Belt Programme Overseas Territories playing their part in tackling Climate change

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Throughout COP26 (October 31st – November 12th) we have shared with you the potential impacts of climate change being faced by the Blue Belt overseas territories. But we have also shown you the work that is being planned and undertaken …

Integrated Marine Management – Working with People for Nature

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Marianne Teoh, Senior Integrated Marine Manager, Blue Belt Programme One of the newest recruits to the Blue Belt Team is Marianne Teoh. Marianne is an interdisciplinary scientist and marine manager, who joined us from Fauna & Flora International in Cambodia, …

How technology is assisting Tristan da Cunha to monitor compliance in its Areas to Be Avoided

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In November 2020, Tristan da Cunha made international news when it designated 687,000 square kilometres of its waters as a fully protected Marine Protection Zone (MPZ) - the largest in the Atlantic. This follows-on from an important earlier announcement - …

Marine Protected Areas – Showing their teeth in Overseas Territories

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On the International Day against Illegal Fishing, it’s good to be reminded about the challenges illegal fishing presents to the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) within the Blue Belt Programme and the measures that they take to reduce the risks to their marine environments.